Web Design and Development

Web presence in the 21st century is a necessity for any business large or small. Whether you have an online brochure explaining your business and services you offer, or a full interactive website where users can get daily updates, all businesses must be willing to take the steps necessary to advance. Having a website is the easiest and most cost effective way to expand your business and let potential customers access information about you.

RCL Concepts will design you a professionally built website. Since we are not making a living designing your website, it will not cost you an arm and a leg. While this is only considered a side job, RCL Concepts takes our work very seriously, and you and your website will be treated professionally. All websites will work in most major web browsers. Your website will be coded so that it is standards compliant. You may browse our portfolio here

Be Prepared

Before we begin it is important that you have a few questions answered

  • Your target audience
    It is important to know who will be interested in your website. This way we can better to cater to them.
  • What is the goal?
    Will you be selling goods? Will you be showing off your inventory online, but not actually selling? Do you just need to show your basic contact information and services?
  • Once potential clients and customers are at your site, what will they be looking for?
    Now that they are at your site, what will you be trying to show them? Will they be looking for information about your newest service or will they be buying a product?
  • Content
    Content is what is going to drive people to your website and keep them interested. Having a properly outlined content will help accelerate the quote process and the implementation of your website.
  • How often will you need to update the content?
    This is one of the major things that determines a price. Will you need to update the content every week? Do you want the ability to update and add content yourself? Or maybe you will only be required to make changes every 6 months.
  • Branding
    Your website needs to be branded appropriately. When the user visits your website they need to know who you are. The best way to accomplish this is using your logo, be prepared to supply a copy of your logo to us for use.
  • Domain Name
    The domain name is very important (your Choosing an easily typed domain name will help your customers and potential clients find and remember your site. Something short, to the point is always best.
  • Cost
    Possibilities are endless, it just takes time and as a result money! Having a specified budget in mind will help us accommodate to your exact specifications. Although you may think this is a loaded question, having a budget to work within will also help us figure out what kind of content management solution will best fit your needs and budget.