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As a freelancer I find keeping track of my work time and client information one of the most tedious tasks. Unfortunately it's part of the job and I have to do it. I took the time to develop an application to aid in this task.
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Southside Motors
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If a car dealership is going to have an online presence it is important that the turn around time for adding and removing vehicles from the online inventory is fast. The best way to accomplish this is to let the owner manage his inventory theirself.
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Southland Baptist Temple
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Southland Baptist Temple has been online since the late 90's. They came to RCL Concepts looking for options. Their current model provided them with the ability to maintain and edit their own website to keep the ever changing content up to date. The problem was, the old website behaved more like a blog than a content rich website. A problem that I was happy to solve!
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Keelings Kustom Kabinets
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Keelings Kustom Kabinets is a custom woodworking shop started in 1984 by Danny Keeling in western Kentucky. While they specialize in cabinetry, there is no wood decor project they will turn down. In 2006 Keeling chose to give his potential customers an easier option to view his portfolio, by asking RCL Concepts to put them on the world wide web.
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Lazy Oaks Farm
Lazy Oaks Farm Screenshot
Lazy Oaks Farm was the first website I created professionally. The Hayden's approached me in good faith looking for someone to create them a professional looking website without the hefty price of an experienced web developer. I was able to provide the Hayden's with one on one time that most likely would not have been provided by a professional firm.
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StarTrek4u Screenshot
StarTrek4u was the first website that I created. This was how I first started learning web design and development. There have been over 7 different redesigns on this website each of which has been dramatically improved over the one before it. One a few instances I have just started the site over completely.
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