Southland Baptist Temple
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Southland Baptist Temple has been online since the late 90's. They came to RCL Concepts looking for options. Their current model provided them with the ability to maintain and edit their own website to keep the ever changing content up to date. The problem was, the old website behaved more like a blog than a content rich website. A problem that I was happy to solve!


Southland was a major undertaking, with almost 3 full months of work under my belt for it. The site features a full featured content management system, giving them a very simple but powerful "Microsoft Word" like interface for adding editing and removing content. The navigation is controlled entirely by the client. This website could not have been any more dynamically driven.


I set out on a mission for this site. I wanted to make something for my client that I would want to use. I was blessed with a representative that was just as tech savvy as myself. This means I could provide a more complex interface in certain areas but still provide the ease of use that I would want. This allowed the user all types of flexibility without having to have the knowhow of creating a website. I am very proud of my finished product.

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