Drip Drop Doggy Dispenser Poster
Drip Drop Doggy Dispenser Poster Screenshot


Family first! My little sister was working on a science fair project which she called the "Drip Drop Doggy Dispenser", a device which would keep a dog's water bowl full. She asked me to make her a title poster, and I happily obliged.


The simple design makes use of a non-traditional typeface with text kerning. The vector illustrated dog provides a pleasing feel, eliminating white space without taking too much away from the name.


With only a day to come up with a design, I wasn't about to be too picky about the end result. The end result was blown up and printed on 4 sheets of standard 8.5 by 11 sheets of paper. Without the availability of (or time to get) a professional printing service to get a full size image header.

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