Keelings Kustom Kabinets
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Keelings Kustom Kabinets is a custom woodworking shop started in 1984 by Danny Keeling in western Kentucky. While they specialize in cabinetry, there is no wood decor project they will turn down. In 2006 Keeling chose to give his potential customers an easier option to view his portfolio, by asking RCL Concepts to put them on the world wide web.


Keelings Kustom Kabinets features a fluid width design which will allow the page to full up window regardless of the size of it. The site features a portoflio image gallery and simple flash animations which provide an aesthetic finish.


This was the first website which I used a template file. This would make it easy for me to change the template of the website if we ever chose to. Figuring out the basics of that wasn't too straight forward. Remember: I was just starting out with commercial development at this point!

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