The Begining RCL Concepts was started in Western Kentucky by Randy Luecke. Since the late 90’s Randy has been doing web development. Since the early days of simple designs and static HTML Randy wanted to provide an enjoyable and elegant web experience for everyone that visited his websites.

Now Today, using the latest web technologies such as PHP and Javascript, Randy hand codes all of his websites, allowing him to create amazing web applications for his clients, along with appealing websites. With learning new web technologies, Randy has also developed a sense of aesthetics; it is important that the websites we make are appealing you (our client), and your potential customers.

Other Services If you are not in the business for a website we can provide many other valuable resources such as graphic and print media design. Whether it be a print advertisement, a new logo, or simply a business card it is important that the design be clean and still convey the information you want. RCL Concepts will do this for you at an affordable cost.

What’s important to us RCL Concepts is a strong advocate of web standards. What does this mean? There is a group of people at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) who decide how a website should be made. If you get sloppy with your code, a web page may not display correctly for a viewer or be accessible to those with special needs. As developers, it is our job to account for the viewing conditions (browser, screen resolution, window size, browser plugins, etc.) that may be present each time a page is viewed by someone. The best way to accomplish this is to support open standards such as the ones that the W3C provides; which for the most part will provide you with an accessible website for each individual (and potential customer) that visits your website make your web site.

We take pride that out website will validate through the W3C validator. To learn more about open standards visit the W3C site.